The second step:
  • Please enter the promotion code if you have one.
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  • Having a Bell landline will simplify the installation procedure. please choose No if you do not have home phone service from Bell.
    Do you have Bell Landline :
    Bell landline phone number :
  • Please tell us what is your current internet provider type
    Current internet provider type:

    DSL Internet

    Cable Internet

    Neither of the above
  • Please provide us with the address where you want the internet service installed
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    Our technician will call you before he/she comes to your home to install the internet service
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  • Please choose the installation date(s). we will call you to set up a installation date after you submit the order. The final date is subject to the availability of technician
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  • Please choose modem option
    Modem option :

    buy modem $49(one time charge),modem has lifetime warranty as long as you keep the service

    rent our modem $5.99 monthly rental fee

    use your own modem($0.00)

    Please select one of the following compatible modems

    * Serial number:
    * MAC Address:
    (Sample: 10F24993612F)

    Note1: The Netis modem is not Bell-approved equipment. In order to better support our customers, we only accept pickup orders for this modem.

    Note2: The TP-Link modem is Bell-approved equipment and strongly recommend.

  • Modem delivery Option :

    Canada Post Expedited Parcel, $10 shipping charge

    Delivery times (Local - 1 day, Regional - 1 up to 3 days)

    Pickup modem at our office, Free of charge

    Pickup time: Monday to Friday (10:00am to 7:00pm), Saturday (11:00am to 6:00pm)

    Pickup address: 3550 Victoria Park Avenue, Suite

    #301, Toronto, ON M2H 2N5