The first step:
  • Production Name :
    Cable120(120M downloading 10M uploading)
  • Description:
    Cogeco Cable Network, 120M downloading speed, 10M uploading speed, Unlimited data
  • Contract:
    No contract, plan can be cancelled at anytime
  • Price:
    $59.99(recurring charge, every 30 days)
  • Installation:
    $0.00(Modem purchase option), $59.00(Modem rent to own option)
  • Modem Option:

    1. purchase our modem $99 (one time charge)

    2. rent to own($5.99 monthly rental fee for 12 months. Modem need to be returned to us if plan is cancelled within 12 months)

  • Available Modem(s) :
    TP-LINK TC7610

    * Up to 343Mbps download and 143Mbps upload speeds

    * Channel bonding of up to 8 downstream and 4 upstream channels for faster throughput

    * Gigabit port ensures ultimate fast transfer speeds

    * IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack

    * Well-defined LEDs clearly display device and network status